How can I log into my account?

If you are here for a first time, use as login and password your email address :)

I can't log in into my account

It may happen your email has not been uploaded into system correctly. Just click at login page to Forget your password? And set a password to acces your account.

How it works with discount?

If you register more than 21 days before a deadline, you have discount 15%, for 14 days is discount 10% and for 8 days is discount 5%. In the moment you register, current price for the event will be saved to our database, BUT you have to pay until next office hours, or your registration will be deleted and you have to register again and this time it could be closer to the deadline so with smaller discount.
This system is not used at every event, specially if event application is created less than 20 days before the date of the event. In this case

Who we are ?

We are a student's organisation which is helping to foreign students on their erasmus stay in Pilsen. During semester we organise some interesting events just for you :)

What we do ?

Buddy system - helps students on their beginnings - Escorting to dormitories, University, student card, public transport. And for the rest of their stay we are organising events like - trips, parties, culture evenings and many more.

What’s in it for us ?

We can be in touch with many people from many cultures, so we can learn a lot a new things about foreing coutries and also we can find some new friends and improve our languages. Also we can try a real job in rough, work in team and improve our skills from many areas of work during our studies.

I paid for the trip, but I can’t go, what I have to do ?

First thing you should do is to let us know that you can’t go. It’s always better to find someone who can go to the trip instead of you because most of the activies will be already paid.

What I need to bring for the trip ?

Usually depends on the tip of the trip.Please bring some Czech money and your ID card and some information about your insuarance. Also the good shoes are pretty useful even for sightseeing trips. If the trip is walking, you should have some small bag where you can put your snack and drink.

What are we going to do if it’s going to be a bad weather ?

Please be prepared that the weather can change any time in Czech republic espacially during autumn and spring. Usually we have backup plan for the bad weather.

What I have to do if I can’t pay by internet ?

You can come to ESN room during our office hours and pay there. But we dont have the terminal for credit cards. You can pay only by cash or through payment gate at this website.

Why is the registration a lot of days before with the deposit ?

It’s usually because we have to book services for accurate number of people and that’s cheaper. So if you registrate later we have to pay extra fee, because we have to change the order.

Still not answered your question?

Feel free to contact us via email - Please allow up to 3 working days for a response. We have many emails during the busy day, so please be patient.
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