Český student | Foreign student
Before your arrival to Pilsen
  • Do not forget your passport photos 4.5 X 3.5 cm (at least in 3 copies)
  • Do not forget your passport, identity card, European health cart and of course the papers that have to do with your placement like letter of admission
  • Set the place and time of your meeting with your buddy
  • Be in touch with your buddy – format +420 XXX XXX XXX
  • Make sure that you have access to your bank account and your credit card works
  • Arranged your travel insurance (the European Insurance is usually not enough
  • Take a laptop with you
  • Some Czech – Your language dictionary might be good :)
Good to know
  • Refundable deposit (you get it back before your departure) for the dorm: 4 000 CZK, then you pay for every month: approx. 2 600 CZK (8% discount if you pay for 3 months with your credit card)
  • Plzeňská karta (Pilsen card - card for public transport):
    • Price for making the card 170 / 340 CZK (in dependency how long you wait for the card) – we recommend to make the card while you wait
    • 300 CZK – with combination of ISIC card (not possible to make the card while you wait)
    • Charging of the card 220 CZK/month (if you have the student confirmation) otherwise 440 CZK/month (if you do not have the student confirmation or you are more than 26 years old)
    • You can use it like wallet and have there money and pay for tickets in the vehicles
  • Price of JIS Card (University card): 100 CZK
  • If you are students out of EU you have to have some insurance
Welcome pack
Every semester we prepare for you welcome packages. The package contains:
  • Folders
  • Voucher for Welcome Dinner
  • Czech SIM card from Vodafone
  • ESN card
  • ESN Guide - brochure with actions for current semester + usefull informations about living in Pilsen
  • Pin
  • Pencil
  • Sticker
  • Forms for Pilsen Card
  • Leaflets about Pilsen