Český student | Foreign student
Who is a buddy?
Buddy is a Czech student who knows Pilsen very well, and who – in his/her free time – helps international students with various acts and problems. Every international student coming to Pilsen gets their buddy.
What will he/she help me with?
Absolutely everything! The first contact always happens about a months before the beginning of the semester at the University, so you have plenty of time to ask all kinds of questions and discuss possible problems. Everything depends on mutual agreement and communication. The first days, buddy helps you with acclimatization and all the necessities which are connected with life in Pilsen, such as:
  • Dormitory check-in
  • Registration to the university system,
  • Student card issue,
  • Public transport card issue,
  • CZ SIM card activation,
  • Opening of a bank account (only if you want, it is not necessary for your stay),
  • Internet activation at dormitories,
  • Showing you round your faculty, the city and many others.
Not only you won’t be alone or lost the first days, but right away, you make a friend for whole semester, if not for whole life :-) .
Take into account
Buddy is mostly a student, who does everything in their free time and for free! If he picks you up at the airport, he has to pay for the ride by his own finances, he usually buys you the ticket for your first day in Pilsen as well – that comes from his money too…. How about paying him back for his effort and willingness by inviting him for a beer? By this gesture, not only you show him that you appreciate his help, but (without any doubts) you guarantee yourself his help during the semester, and especially his friendship :-) Moreover… you are in Pilsen – the city where the best beer in the world costs only 1€ :-P