Český student | Foreign student
  • You can't come
    Aah, really? That sucks :-/ Can you please write it to your buddy and to our international office? Thank you, and we hope we will see you next time!
  • You will come later
    If you know when exactly, please write it to your buddy, if you are not sure, write to him at least some approximate date, when you think you could come.
  • Your buddy hasn't contacted you
    Write to us - you can use FB group or our FB profile, or just respond to our email ;-). We will contact your buddy or give you somebody else.
University and dormitory
  • Problems with Learning Agreement or subjects
    The best is to write your supervisor about your issue and how to proceed. You can also contact us or International Office
  • You don't want to live at dormitory
    Tell it to your buddy, he will try to help you to find something and he has to pass this information to dormitories
  • You want to live with somebody
    Again, write this information to your buddy, add who you would like to live with and he will try to arrange it.
  • You wanna find some flat
    You can contact Foreigners, they will help you ;)
  • Insurance and visa problems
    About health insurance, again, you can contact Foreigners, with your visa we can't help you, but your buddy can try to write to international office and ask what to do.
Health care
If something happens to you - anything!, write to your buddy!!! He will help you with your problem, take you to some doctor, make an appointment, etc..