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ESN Pilsen
Český student | Foreign student
Living in the Czech Republic
  • greetings: First thing you should know is how to greet with people as a lot of people can’t speak English (which is obviously our fault not yours). Czech people are always happy when they see the effort of trying to speak Czech.
    • Hello: dobrý den [dobree den] – used in shop, pubs, restaurants, university...
    • Hello: ahoj, čau [chau] – used between your classmates, friends
    • Goodbye: nashledanou

  • tipping: Although it is customary to tip in the Czech Republic, it has very little to do with the size of the bill, and more to do with a sign of appreciation. It is common to round up the bill by a few crowns to make it even.
    • Away from places regularly visited by foreigners, leaving a "tip" on a table after a meal at a restaurant is not the usual practice; locals may even object to it.

  • look-out: There are still a lot of people outside Prague (and a few in Prague) that believe that "Westerners" are all rich. And due to that fact, they feel they can overcharge you on certain things, such as services, taxi etc.
Living in Pilsen
  • Pilsen = the city of beer: Pilsen is the city of beer, this is clear. There are 2 facilities connected with beer which you can visit:
    1. Brewery Museum in the city center. Museum in the historical building has collected many examples of maltsters', brewers' and innkeepers' trades.
    2. Pilsner Urquell Brewery - the manufacturer itself offers museum, visit of the brewery, restaurant. More information on

  • look-out: Pilsen will be the Capital of Culture in the year 2015! It brings very nice events to the city!
  • walking around Pilsen: There is no reason to use public transportation in Plzen central part at all, it is not big one, the way from bus and train station to old town is not so long and complicated too.
    • Pilsen old town is just around main square of Republics and St. Bartholomew Cathedral, every main spot is reachable by foot, except Pilsner brewery, that is about 1 kilometer (or less) away from old town.

  • transport: If you want to use public transport in the first days of your arrival you need to buy single tickets. Sooner the better is good to manage the Pilsen Ticket with your buddy.
  • university card: very important card at the university is called JIS Card, which you should manage with your buddy as one of the first things here in Pilsen (!)
    • the JIS Card allows you to go to the university building, canteen, library etc.
    • the JIS Card allows you to do these actions as follow:
      • entrance to the all University buildings and spaces
      • entrance to the University dormitories
      • providing you the possibility to pay in the University canteen and print documents
    • (!) necessary to top-up your credit:
      • at the cash desk in the University canteens, University libraries or University dormitories
        • via cash or bank card (if possible)
      • bank transaction payment:
        • on the account: 78887000/2700
        • variable symbol: social security number (in Czech: rodné číslo bez lomítek), its number you got at international office (ends with your inicials and number 23)
        • specific symbol: 7777
        • more info (in Czech only, your buddy can help you) here .
  • more info about restaurants, bars and shops you can find in the ESN Guide (in Documents and in your Welcome Pack).
  • used links and sources:,,
Naše oblíbená místečka
  • Restaurace a pivnice
    • Restaurace 12
      • Nefiltrovaný gambrinus 12°, Pilsner Urquell, Fénix
      • Skvělé prostředí a ceny, hezká zahrádka
      • Kopeckého Sady 8, Plzeň - ukázat na mapě
    • Na parkánu
      • Nefiltrovaný Pilsner Urquell - jedině zde!, Pilsner Urquell, Gambrinus 12°, Fénix
      • Skvělé jídlo, přijatelné ceny, zahrádka
      • Veleslavínova 4, Plzeň - ukázat na mapě

    • Švejk Restaurant U Pětatřicátníků
      • Nefiltrovaný gambrinus 12°, Pilsner Urquell, Kozel (tmavý)
      • Skvělé jídlo a ceny, zahrádka (na ulici i ve dvoře)
      • Riegrova 12, Plzeň - ukázat na mapě

    • Ucho
      • Gambrinus 11°, Rychtář, Pilsner Urquell
      • Studentský klub --> Nejlepší ceny! (Na Boleveckých kolejích - stejně tak i náš office :) )
      • Bolevecká 30, Plzeň - ukázat na mapě

    • Pivoňka
      • Gambrinus 11°, Rychtář, Pilsner Urquell
      • Studentský klub --> Nejlepší ceny!
      • Riegrova 17 , Plzeň - ukázat na mapě

  • Malé pivovary
    • Groll
    • Purkmistr
      • Skvělé jídlo, přijatelné ceny, hezká zahrádka
      • , Plzeň - ukázat na mapě

    • Klub malých pivovarů
      • Ne zrovna pivovar - každý týden různá piva z celého světa!
      • Zahrádka
      • , Plzeň - ukázat na mapě

  • Kavárny
    • CrossCaffe
    • Francis
      • Skvělé jídlo, přijatelné ceny, hezká zahrádka
      • , Plzeň - ukázat na mapě

    • Street café
      • Ne zrovna pivovar - každý týden různá piva z celého světa!
      • Zahrádka
      • , Plzeň - ukázat na mapě