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Culture evening
ESN and the student ball
Yes! Don’t you know that it’s our student organization which started the tradition of the legendary student ball?

It is a unique cultural event which is always styled to some theme, selected in order to give the attendees the opportunity to disguise in various costumes. However, it is not some kind of a carnival. The clothing is chosen, so that it stays representative.

Of course, the first years of the ball were much more different from the current style. The ball used to take place in the Sokol House in Bolevec and it was mainly in English. It was destined for the international students, as there had been dancing classes for them during the semester. The ball was sort of a culmination of the season. You know it very well from your own dancing lessons:)
Culture evening
Interesting facts
  • The first year of the ball took place in 2007
  • The theme of the ball changes every year
  • Apart from ESN, other student organizations participated in the preparation of the ball. Concretely AIESEC, ELSA, AEGEE, SUS, IAESTE, Dione, Radio Bomba, SKVAiP, SKAS
  • Every year, more than 1200 students attend the ball
  • It is one of the biggest events organized by ESN in the Czech Republic! :)
Culture evening
Culture evening