Český student | Foreign student

President - Jakub Nedvěd

ESN member since: May 2011

Favourite drink: beer, Rum & Coke

Visited countries: England, Belgium, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Greece (Erasmus), Turkey

What did ESN bring me: It’s a long story, ESN has been part of my everyday life for many years :) However, the most important things are huge personal growth and especially the improvement of my communication and organization skills. Then I should mention getting to know other countries, cultures and universities, making a large number of friends and contacts, and - last but not least - a lot of great experiences.
VicePresident & HR coordinator - Petra Lišková

Členem ESN od: September 2015

Oblíbený drink: Mojito, Champagne

Navštívené země: Belgium (Erasmus) a many more europian countries :)

Co mi ESN dalo: Opportunity to meet a lot of great people and friends. Opportunity to try team work and improve my organisation skills.
Activities Coordinator - Vladimír Procházka

Členem ESN od: September 2016

Oblíbený drink:

Navštívené země:

Co mi ESN dalo: .
Local Representative - Lada Heřmanová

ESN member since: June 2014

Favourite drink: Earl grey

Visited countries: Hungary, Poland, Germany

What did ESn bring me: New experiences, meeting new friends, learning to work in a team and the opportunity to improve myself in grafic skill.
Václav Kubec

ESN member since: February 2013

Favourite drink: beer, malibu and cola

Visited countries: England, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Greece, Turkey

What did ESN bring me: Friends, it opened my eyes and gave me a new philosophy :-)
Monika Bartošová

ESN member since: March 2014

Favourite drink:Like a real patriot - beer, but also Sex on the beach, wine and many others (and I mostly don’t remember it :D )

Visited countries: Italy (au pair), Spain, Croatia, Montenegro, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Slovakia

What did ESN bring me: So far, ESN gave me more than I gave to it :) It gave me the possibility to meet a bunch of fine people within ESN, but also foreign students. It gave me the possibility to start communicating in a foreign language – even if the beginnings were really hard. Thanks to ESN, I can apply my “knowledge” in practice :D And what I will give the ESN? We’ll see :D
Lukáš Bebr

ESN member since: September 2014

Favourite drink: Cuba libre, beer and vodka with juice

Visited countries: Spain, Italy, France, Germany (Erasmus), Austria, Slovakia, Croatia

What did ESN bring me: From the beginning a lot of new friends, experiences and mainly the reason why not to sit at home. Chance to participate in something useful. It also brings me experiences important for personal and career growth. I am not a member of ESN for very long time so we will see what will come next. …;)
Jitka Černohousová

ESN member since: October 2014

Favourite drink: beer, gold tequila

Visited countries: England, Belgium, France, Germany, Monaco

What did ESN bring me: Definitely new friends, a lot of parties and fun, and of course experiences, both professional and personal. :)
Jana Turjanicová

ESN member since: October 2014

Favourite drink: beer, Malibu

Visited countries: France (Erasmus), Germany, Austria, Croatia

What did ESN bring me: Thanks to ESN I get to know bunch of amazing, friendly folks from our homeland and from abroad as well. I did also gain a lot of priceless and of course practical experience. I’ve radically improoved my comunication and organization skills, learned how to manage my time and also see things from different perspective. To put it simply, ESN is the best!
Party coordinator Markéta Urbanová

ESN member since: August 2014

Favourite drink: wine, rum

Visited countries: England, Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Italy, Belgium, Croatia, Greece, France-Corsica

What did ESN bring me: .ESN gives me some really practical experience. Thanks to ESN I could try working within a team as well as being its leader. I’ve met people from all over the world and got a lot of interesting information about their culture. ESN also gave me great friends, who became my family, and experiences that I can never forget. And even if it is not easy, all of it makes me smile every time