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The University of West Bohemia was established by the Act of the Czech National Council No. 314/1991 Coll. in 1991 through the merger of the Institute of Technology and the Faculty of Education. At the time of its foundation, the University had five faculties – the Faculty of Applied Sciences, the Faculty of Economics, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, the Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering - and about 4,200 students. The original five faculties were joined by the Faculty of Law in 1993, the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts (former Faculty of Humanities) in 1999 and Faculty of Health Care Studies in 2008. At present the University has eight faculties with more than 60 departments and three institutes of higher education. Nearly 19,000 students can choose from a wide range of Bachelor, Master and PhD study programmes. The broad structure provides students with the widest range of study possibilities with the options of full-time or combined study.

UWB also provides a wide range of life-long learning programmes which correspond thematically to the fields of study offered by the University of West Bohemia. The University of the Third Age serves senior citizens very successfully.

UWB has a significant position in the field of higher education among both the universities in the Czech Republic and those in the rest of Europe.